At Eve’s Hope, each woman receives compassionate care. Your donations allow Eve’s Hope to offer services to clients at no fee.

Pregnancy Testing

Eve’s Hope provides no-fee, medical-grade pregnancy testing. The test can detect the pregnancy hormone as early as one day after a missed period. The test is over 99 percent accurate.

Limited Ultrasound

Eve’s Hope offers a no fee OB ultrasound to anyone who had a positive pregnancy test at our center.

An OB Ultrasound can confirm pregnancy and ensure the mother and child are healthy. It can be a great indicator of how far along the mom is by using measurements to estimate the gestational age of the fetus.

Biblical Counseling

The foundation of our counseling stems from the Word of God. Our primary objective as a Care Coordinator/Counselor is to minister to the spiritual life of each women, letting her know her God-given worth and that God has a plan for her life and the life of her child.

Abortion Education

Eve’s Hope offers abortion consultations to women who are considering abortion for their pregnancies. Our hope is that each woman would choose life for their child. We know God’s way saves lives. Sharing the Gospel is crucial in our ministry. It is through the message of hope that the life of the mother can be transformed and the life of the unborn saved.

Adoption Education

Eve’s Hope is dedicated to educating women facing an unplanned pregnancy in the area of adoption. We communicate this life choice as one of love that gives her unborn child a secure future. Adoption education allows our client to design an adoption plan that meets her needs working alongside an adoption specialist. Our Care Coordinators are there to support before, during, and after the adoption.

Prenatal & Parenting Classes

We help moms with their parenting concerns and help them find the resources they need. Many people who want to parent have questions or concerns about single parenting, co-parenting, marriage, continuing their education, financial stability, and more. We offer free parenting education and resources at our pregnancy center for anyone who wants to participate. Moms and dads can join our “Earn While You Learn” program to earn credits used for purchasing maternity and baby items from our Baby Store.

Abortion Recovery Program

There is a path to healing from the heartache of a past abortion.

Many women wonder what life could look like if they were set free from the guilt, shame, pain, or sadness that they may be experiencing because of a past decision.

At Eve’s Hope Pregnancy Care Center, we know the grief and loss that a person may feel after an abortion is seldom acknowledged and can even be repressed or denied. It may have been many years since you or someone you know had an abortion. However, the sense of loss and guilt may still weigh heavy on their heart.

Eve’s Hope is here to help. Our Forgiven and Set Free program offers hope and healing. Contact us today to learn about our next class.

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