Tax Savvy Ways to Give

Donate Appreciated Stock to Eve’s Hope

Donations made by cash or check are, by far, the most common methods of charitable giving.
However, contributing stocks, bonds, or mutual funds that have appreciated over time has become increasingly popular in recent years.

For many donors, this method provides great tax benefits while helping Eve’s Hope carry out their mission. Electronically transferring stock to Eve’s Hope is an easy process. You will need to initiate all electronic securities transfers with your broker.

Your broker will need the following information to electronically transfer stock to Eve’s Hope:

Brokerage:                                             Raymond James
Account Name:                                     Eve’s Hope
Account Number:                                 7398K576
Contact:                                                  Linda Rump (786) 732-7911

Most publicly traded securities with gains that you have not yet sold may be donated to a public charity. If you itemize when the donation is made, the donor can claim the fair market value as an itemized deduction on their federal income tax return. The amount deducted can be up to 30% of the donor’s adjusted gross income (AGI). No capital gains taxes are owed when the securities are donated, not sold.

Over 72? Consider a qualified charitable distribution (QCD) from an IRA.

If you are at least age 72, have an IRA, and plan to donate to charity this year, another consideration may be to make a QCD from your IRA. This action can satisfy charitable goals and allows funds to be withdrawn from an IRA without any tax consequences.

A QCD can also be appealing because it can be used to satisfy your required minimum distribution (RMD). Because the tax-free QCD is never reported as a deduction, it is not counted against the charitable limits and does not require itemization to be effective.

Before undertaking any of these giving strategies, you should consult your legal, tax, or financial advisor. But each of the strategies, properly employed, represents a tax‐advantaged way for you to give more to your favorite charities.

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