Volunteer Positions

You may be asked to attend a multi-day training seminar as well as in-service training as provided. We ask you to volunteer one four-hour shift weekly with a one-year commitment.


Core responsibilities:

  • Verifies pregnancy tests
  • Conducts patient medical history
  • Maintains patient records
  • Provides prenatal education
  • Makes medical care referrals

Ultrasound Technician

Core responsibilities:

  • Conducts limited ultrasounds
  • Documents ultrasound charts
  • Presents the Gospel to patients
  • Conducts follow-up calls

Care Coordinator

Core responsibilities:

  • Meets with clients
  • Cares for their emotional and physical needs using a biblical counseling approach

Front Desk

Core responsibilities:

  • Answers phones
  • Checks in clients
  • Schedules appointments
  • Files records

Volunteer Coordinator

Core responsibilities:

  • Schedules volunteer appointments
  • Coordinates all volunteer training, meetings, and special activities


Core responsibilities:

  • Assists with various campaigns
  • Creates flyers for marketing needs
  • Develops content for website and Facebook

Prayer Team

Core responsibilities:

  • Commits to pray regularly for Eve’s Hope and its clients
  • Meets quarterly for corporate prayer and fellowship

Baby Store

Core responsibilities:

  • Organizes donated goods
  • Maintains inventory
  • Assists with distribution

Speaker Volunteer

Core responsibilities:

  • Presenting “Decisions, Choices & Options (DCO): The Facts About Teen Pregnancy.” It is an educational presentation for high school students providing information about each of the options a young woman faces in an unplanned pregnancy.
  • The goal of this program is to provide current, factual information and correct any misconceptions regarding any of the three options.

If you are interested in any of the above roles, contact us to learn more about training sessions and times.

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