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You may be asked to attend a multi-day training seminar as well as in-service training as provided. We ask you to volunteer one four-hour shift weekly with a one-year commitment.

  • Nurse – verify pregnancy tests, conducts patient medical history, maintains patient records, provide prenatal education, and makes medical care referrals.

  • Ultrasound Technician – conducts limited ultrasounds, documents ultrasound charts, presents the gospel to patients, and conducts follow up calls.

  • Peer Counselor – meets with clients caring for their emotional and physical needs using a biblical counseling approach.

  • Front Desk - answer phones, checks in clients, schedules appointments, and files records.

  • Volunteer Coordinator – schedules volunteer appointments, coordinates all volunteer training, meetings, and special activities.

  • Marketing – assists with various campaigns, creates flyers for Center’s marketing needs, develops content for website, and Facebook.

  • Prayer Team – commits to pray regularly for Eve’s Hope and its clients. Meets quarterly for corporate prayer and fellowship.

  • Baby Store - organizes donated goods, maintains inventory, and assists with distribution.

  • Speaker Volunteer – presenting "Decisions, Choices & Options (DCO): The Facts About Teen Pregnancy." It is an educational presentation for high school students providing information about each of the options a young woman faces in an unplanned pregnancy. The goal of this program is to provide current, factual information and correct any misconceptions regarding any of the three options.


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